Xenia zu Hohenlohe, Considerate Group

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, Considerate Group

Xenia zu Hohenlohe
Xenia zu Hohenlohe / © private


Xenia zu Hohenlohe is a Co-Founder with the Considerate Group, a change-making company that helps hospitality businesses operate responsibly.

Xenia began her career in the hotel industry 24 years ago, speaks 6 languages and worked for international hotel groups such as Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Oberoi Hotels and spent various years within sales as well as operations with Aman across the globe.

She joined forces with her business partner Benedetta Cassinelli to create Considerate Hoteliers Ltd in 2012 in order to offer the hospitality sector a platform with hands-on services and innovative technologies for responsible business solutions.

Now in 2021 Considerate Group is at the forefront of creating tailor-made methodologies for the successful integration of sustainability strategies for hotels and tourism companies around the world with their highly skilled team of 12 experts. Their focus is very much on driving companies to perform better financially, have a solid ESG strategy, data transparency and achieving a positive impact for the sector of a whole.

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